• Gloucester, VA / Samuel Venable, Director of Bands

    Gloucester High School Band

    "An 8 Time Virginia Honor Band"

  • One of the capers which stands out from my cuttings book is The Great Train Robbery, or to be more precise, the aftermath when the luckless gang ended up behind bars only to escape from their high security prison cells with Houdini like daring. Charlie Wilson’s escape from Winson Green gaol (Jail) was among the most spectacular, reported in lurid prose by the press corps encamped in the cafe across the street from the prison gate where we would buttonhole off duty warders for scraps of information to the beat of The Kinks hit playing on the juke box: We’ve got to get out of this place! My next encounter with Charlie was in the snows of the small Canadian township of Rigout, a stones throw from Montreal where he was holed up with Pat and the girls, until the day the Mounties surrounded the house and Tommy Butler of The Yard knocked on his door. But more of Charlie later….